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Here to provide you with information about city events and services.

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Mebane: One of the Fastest-Growing Municipalities in North Carolina

Established in the early 19th century, Mebane saw the potential for growth and expansion with the addition of the railroad in 1855. Since then, companies like White Furniture and Mebane Bedding (now called Kingsdown) have called Mebane home.

Located in the Heart of North Carolina

Located in the Triangle and the Triad, it is no surprise that more people, businesses, and companies are relocating to our majestic city.

Between our unique shops and galleries downtown, to our 310 acres of parks, and more than 50 dining options, it is crucial now more than ever for Mebane to promote dialogue and discourse with its residents.

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About the Public Information Office

The Public Information Office will serve to raise awareness of Mebane and the surrounding region by developing and disseminating information to the community regarding City activities and services.

Our goal is to provide essential and non-essential information to the public in a timely and reliable fashion. We will work with the community to address needs and enhance citizens’ quality of life.

Public Information Office Responsibilities:

Serve as a Spokesman for the City:

  • The Public Information Office will coordinate and prepare press releases on varying issues/topics while handling all media requests for the City’s 14 departments and divisions. They will also create weekly videos to highlight and showcase projects or events for each department.

Social Media and Marketing:

  • The Public Information Office is responsible for all content on the City’s seven social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A newspaper column will be published once a month in the Mebane Enterprise to discuss growth and expansion in our area.

Emergencies/Crisis Response:

  • The Public Information Office handles all public communication for crisis and emergency response.

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