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The Mebane Scoop: Not your Average Cup of Joe

May 15, 2023

Do you wake up ready to start your day, bouncing around like the Energizer bunny? Or are you more like me, where the first 30 minutes are spent trying to collect yourself, hoping for little to zero human interaction? Don’t get me wrong, I am an extrovert at heart, and I love meeting and conversing with others; however, until I have my coffee, I am not ready to face the day. A good cup of coffee can make your day and leave you feeling invincible. The outrageous coffee prices you pay at chains such as Starbucks don't make you feel stellar about yourself, though. While I love coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts because you always know no matter where you go, they will carry the same menu items; I am also a big fan of supporting local businesses. In the spirit of supporting local businesses, I made it my mission to unveil some of the top local coffee shops in Mebane. One of these delightful coffee shops is The Habit Coffee Company, located in the Kingsdown Commons shopping center at 100 Millstead Drive.

The Habit Coffee Company is a welcoming shop that opened over a year ago in April 2022. Owned and operated by Mebane native Erika Amash, it has a modern industrial feel with various drink combinations to try and freshly baked pastries and goods. The store really incorporates the city's history with railroad crossing signs on the walls referring to Mebane’s railway that runs parallel to the city’s downtown.

The inside of the store provides plenty of seating and Wi-Fi availability for guests to come in use at their discretion. They also have a variety of merchandise available for purchase in the lockers next to the registrar. When viewing their menu, I noticed their prices were lower than their other coffee conglomerate counterparts. Saving a few dollars here and there adds up quickly, and coffee, being an almost every day essential, can rack up a hefty bill for one month. Not only are the prices better at The Habit Coffee Company, but they use their own state-of-the-art roaster to produce high-quality, crafted coffee. In the roaster, they use organic and fair-trade certified beans from different origins worldwide, creating a unique taste.

Available in either hot or cold options, this coffee shop offers clever and innovative drinks such as the Full Throttle or Maple Crème. After visiting their shop and trying some of their drinks, it is no surprise that in 2023 The Habit Coffee Company was awarded the Best of the Best Coffee Shop and Customer Service by the Mebane Enterprise. With such friendly, knowledgeable staff, I highly recommend checking out the Habit Coffee Company on your next coffee run!